E-fulfillment is something you can outsource competely, but you can also optimize the internal process of your warehouse. Where is the turning point? When will it become interesting for you to start outsourcing? This decision is one you make on your own! Logistic Vibes can support you in simplifying the process of making this choice.
For instance, we can make an internal logistics scan or work together with you in order to see whether you will financially benefit if you decide to start outsourcing. We will supply you with the ingredients you’ll need to make a well informed decision. A proper cost analysis will be included.


In case you want to do it yourself…

You can also knock on the door of Logistic Vibes for all your warehouse and online shop needs; from barcode scanners, picking or batch picking carts, measuring and weighing equipment (for weight and volume), to interior design for your workplace (from packing tables to lift tables), shelving, (barcode) tags in your warehouse, label printers and any roller conveyors or belt conveyors, and automatic label applicators.

We can provide you with more information regarding the right shipping software solution for your company. The software solution we provide you with will automate and streamline the carrier and freight booking process. All carriers will be located within the shipping software while all the correct barcode labels will be automatically printed out and the right shipping information will be digitally forwarded at the end of the day.

You receive more detailed information regarding the solutions we offer during our visit to your warehouse. Together we see which logistics solutions fit your needs and how we can optimize your core processes. In order to provide you with integrated and suitable solutions we always advice to start with an internal logistics scan. Together we review your warehouse and all the logistics processes, prior to giving you a good concept advice.