E-tradelane management

You want to internationalize your website and incite additional trade routes? Do you plan to do this for you brick and mortar store or your online store?
If you’re thinking about your online store, we call this “E-tradelane management“! Logistic Vibes can support you in this process. Logistic Vibes can also take part in an integrated internationalization plan and choose the right partner for you. If you’d like to expand to Germany, you should know that there are other rules than in the United Kingdom. It helps to have an expert in this field at your side so you avoid complications. We help you locate the right partner in the country of destination. Within the Eurozone we have multiple International callcenters and we also guarantee for complete project management, design and monitoring. Ultimately, success will be reflected by the number of parcels that will eventually be shipped to the country of destination.

Besides the logistics part, we can also assist you with the translation of your website, an international callcenter, branch specific marketing knowledge of the country of destination, and legal reconsiliation of your return policy. All kinds of matters to ensure that your internationalization plans are working out and that your parcels keep growing in the countries of destination.


Domestic & International Delivery

Are you looking for a reliable and independent partner for the purchase of your domestic or international shipments? A partner who will brainstorm for you and find solutions for online purchases? Logistic Vibes can provide you with sincere and independent advice regarding which carriers to use for all your domestic and international shipping needs. We will never come up with one solution. Instead, we rather provide you with multiple possibilities so you can choose which carrier to use for your project.

We also have a large network of national and international contacts at our disposal, which allows us to offer you surprising solutions for both your national and international shipments.

What would you like to do with your (inter)national shipments?

Do you want to send large volumes of mail, direct mail, or parcels within The Netherlands or abroad? Do you want to unload containers in the harbor of Rotterdam or Antwerp and directly distribute the contents throughout the rest of Europe? Do you not only want to concur the Dutch but also the German and Belgian market, or the rest of Europe or even the whole globe?

Logistic Vibes is here to meet your demands and help you find the right carriers. We will create a Product Service Matrix which will include all the service levels and, in consultation with you, we define an (inter)national route. In addition, we are a project partner from “Port of Entry”, and we can help you turn your projects into a success.

With its offer, Logistic Vibes is very attractive not only for wholesalers and online shops, but for logistics centers and 3PLS as well. In fact, everybody that is facing challenges involving E-commerce or simply wants to save money by direct entry, will profit from collaboration with Logistic Vibes.


Tradelane Germany

We can get you a PO Box or fulfillment party in Germany. We also contribute by providing you with solutions that allow you to outsource the entire return process. In this case we would make sure that you receive return shipments at least once a week. Especially for Germany we have specific possibilities for return solutions in the Eurozone, and even outside the Eurozone! Breaking solutions to easily return your web-shipments in Germany, in the look and feel of Germany, simply because the market wants it!