Reorganizing your transport costs

Logistic Vibes provides transparent analysis of your transport costs and assists with the designing, contracting, implementing and improvement of your transport logistics. We can also assist you when outsourcing. Think for example about selecting and contracting appropriate carrierrs for your air freight, sea freight and transport over land. We are also specialized in controling and reducing the costs of the distribution of Online Orders.

If you consider our advice when making important decisions, you can be certain that you will be making the right choice. Whatever you decide, whether you stick to your current carrier or decide to use a new one, you will notice your business running smoother and/or see your business grow.

The goals that will be met:
Service optimization, Reducing Costs, Innovation (by combining knowledge and technology) and Procedure Optimization.

Although the first two goals normally rise and fall together, we will make sure that you’ll make decisions that will balance these out properly. Simply reducing the costs of your operation will not do the trick. It’s a matter of optimizing your service and this will lead to reduced costs. We are here for you to make a plan of approach which will enable you to maintain quality of service or improve it.

We often act as an extension of the management team and procurement department of our client. An approach in which we operate together is also possible. The benefits of using an external party are tremendous, because they can focus on one subject.

A step-by-step approach is the base of all our projects:

  1. Analysis of your Logistics DNA (insight by research, workshops, transport & IT scan)
  2. Purchase of logistics (good base and reliable)
  3. Concept (distinctive products – market combinations)
  4. Implementation (realization with associated IT, Multi-carrier system, Delivery Management Platform TMS, from”Hi” to “Go Live”)
  5. Aftercare (contract management and evaluation of carriers)

You can also hire us for one of the above steps separately.

Starting collaboration with Logistic Vibes is pretty much risk free. You can immediately reinvest your profit in new projects and innovations. Isn’t this the turn you’d like your business to take in 2012?


Logistic Vibes turns your delivery into a competitive advantage!

How? With innovative logistics software systems that allows you to link your back office with your shipping software. Making use of a proper shipping module allows you to utilize multiple carriers if necessary. You will have full control of your incoming and outgoing goods and will be able to see where the goods are located at any given moment. Your shipping costs will be lower and your quality of service will increase. You want to be able to deal with multiple carriers and get the most out of all of them!