Shipping software

Logistic Vibes mediates IT products to leading suppliers. The difference in functionality on the market is quite large. Logistic Vibes makes a clear difference between Delivery Management Platforms, the new Multi Carrier Systems in the current logistics market, and TMS.

Are you looking for a software program that shows, monitors and controls all your shipments in one cockpit and acts as one Delivery Management Tool for all your shipments?

Logistic Vibes can offer you the Independent Delivery Management system MetaPack, which allows you to control as many carriers as you want. This is a software that has been on the market in the UK since 1999, the country with the largest E-commerce industry. MetaPack is the forerunner in the field of management solutions for traditional as well as for new channels.

Your advantages:

  • Efficiency:
    No need to integrate or manually enter data.
  • Economics:
    Operate at the lowest possible cost, automatically selecting the best value carrier to meet your requirements.
  • Service:
    Provide the best possible service. Consignments delivered right first time, by choosing the right carrier every time. Very important to be successful in E-retail.
  • Options:
    Provide your customers with a range of delivery options that suit them.
  • Usability:
    Have one simple easy-to-use system for all of your delivery requirements.
  • Track & Trace:
    Have detailled status tracking information for all carriers available through one intuitive interface.
  • Contingencies:  
    Always have a back-up and never be in a situation where you can’t despatch.
  • Reports:
    Be in control with all the necessary information and reports in one cockpit for multiple departments.
  • Flexibility
    The system enables you to quickly adapt to changes on the market and to your customers’ wishes.

Intelligent Delivery Management Solution for Online & Multi-Channel Retailers and Logistic Companies. (Source: MetaPack)

What else sets our shipping software apart from our competition?

  • Minimal impact on your IT, infrastructure and budgetary resources:
    we offer you the choice of standard integration paths such as ERP, WMS and web platforms.
  • International shipping module:
    which automatically prepares the necessary papers, electronic clearance at customs, track & trace, transport services, stores your shipping history, and controls all international addresses.
  • Break bulk option for E-commerce:
    if you’re dealing with Pan-European shipments we would be happy to search for suitable solutions in the country of origin and destination.


Our software is based on the SAAS (Software As A Service) principle. The shipping software, also known as Multi Carrier software is responsible for streamlining the logistics processes in the chain.



The shipping software of Logistic Vibes provides clear reports and solid analysis. Think in example of accurate forecasts of the shipping costs, personalized e-mail notifications, reports on warehouse levels, forecast factoring, etc.
If preferred, Logistic Vibes will stay at your side during the implementation and commissioning of the shipping software. With the MetaPack product we work together with the Development Center of a large international IT & Expert team. Your IT department can adjust the MetaPack shipping software easily so you will quickly have the correct interface too. We have an ad hoc team standing ready to answer your questions right from our International Development Center for parcel shipments from “all over the world; think global – act local”.


We will personally be in your warehouse when the shipping software “goes live”. And if you have any questions regarding the shipping software, our consultants will gladly share their knowledge and possible solutions with you.