We also offer solutions for other sectors! We are mainly using the SAAS principle, and only “pay if you use it”. From integrated concepts, simple and quick to implement, to custom projects that we develop together with your IT department and our network of providers.

When it comes to IT consulting we always act according to the client’s situation and wishes, the basic IT environment, and the needs of the end customer. Then we see which logistics software modules would suit best and/or which technologies we can use to optimize delivery processes. With our profound knowledge of shipping software and IT sector solutions, we will be able to select the right partner for every part of the process.

For the Food Sector we offer industry-specific quality management software to measure certain important factors such as temperature of the goods during the whole Supply Chain. Besides suppliers, there are also transfer points and recipients involved. With such a software package that comes with an integrated IT platform, we speak of PAAS (Platform As A Service).

In industrial environments, where many FTL are being sent, we work with a shipping software that monitors your entire Supply Chain.

The basic principle of all IT solutions of Logistic Vibes is equal:
Process improvement, quality management, cost reduction, and more efficient and above all more pleasant work experience! In addition, there’s the added benefit of staying one step ahead of your competition by delivering innovation.